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I mostly liked the Tawny Man books; but a) I may be less interested in moving the plot along rapidly than you are and b) I read some of those things differently -- I wasn't, for instance, reading 'sex outside marriage is wrong' but 'sex that violates marriage vows is wrong', which isn't the same thing -- the lead character, for instance, happily has intermittent sex with a particular woman until he finds out that she was married at the time and cheating on her husband, and hadn't told him this. He's not upset that he was having sex with her without having married her, he's upset that she's lied to him and to her husband.

I think maybe I was somewhat attracted by books in which the hero/point of view character often isn't all that competent, and sometimes makes the same sort of mistakes repeatedly from slightly different directions. That actually strikes me as fairly realistic.
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