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I might be exaggerating a bit, but not by much. I was reading the last book when I visited my cousin, and he said he'd tried to read some Robin Hobb but gave up because he constantly wanted to slap all the characters. I know how he feels. Funnily enough, the books he mentioned were the ones I actually enjoyed - they still have a couple of rather annoying characters, but it seems more deliberate that the characters are meant to be annoying, and there's enough else going on that I could overlook the annoying parts. She can actually write non-annoying characters who act like mature adults and do things effectively, as well - it's just that they only seem to wake up and bother once per book, and even then they never repeat the useful things.

In the first trilogy they're supposedly fighting a war, but there's only one point in which anybody bothers to raise an army and fight a battle - which they win, and which looks like the start of a good strategy for victory - but after that, rather than continuing, they effectively say "Well that was successful. Now what?" and go back to doing nothing!

I bought all three of this trilogy before I started, so I will finish it. And as I said, when her characters actually get off their arses and start doing things, the books do tend to be a lot better. I wouldn't recommend her as effusively as some people do, though...
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