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I went to Tasmania a couple of weeks ago. While I was there, I picked up a book called The Mindful Fairies, a kids’ book from an author who lives in the state.

The best I can figure is that it’s about the adventures of two “Mindful Fairies” (the book never really defines this and implies that they are more helpful) named Tiptoe and Sunbeam, who live at the bottom of a garden. They do things like have tea parties and rescue a unicorn known as a “Magi-Corn”.

The problem is that the book seems to want to be a book along the lines of theFaraway Tree or Wishing Chair books, but it kind of forgets that those books wasted very little time on worldbuilding, leading to it taking three chapters for Tiptoe and Sunbeam to so much as take a step. Also, it occasionally remembers that the story is in a first-person perspective, with our human narrator only briefly actually interacting with the two. It’s like the inverse of the Baby-Sitters Club book where Dawn goes back to California for the first time (where formula dictates that the story has to also focus on the Stoneybrook girls).
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