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Originally Posted by Esprise Me View Post
I do like it more than he does, though I think he likes it more than he thinks he does; he always dreads it but always has a good time.
I have a lot of sympathy for him on this issue. I also often dread social engagements, and then enjoy actually attending. What works best for me is a) plenty of notice, and 2) being allowed to say no. If I've said yes in advance, I will go, but I need to know that if I say no, that answer will be honored. I hate it when I say no and the asker comes back with a slight variation and asks again (and again). No means no. Yes, I've thought about it, and the answer is still no.
Originally Posted by Dasla View Post
My left ankle aches. I don't know why.
My ankle did that yesterday, and I decided it had to do with how it was positioned while I was sleeping. Could that be a possibility?

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