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Originally Posted by Richard W View Post
I also remember quite clearly a religious film that my friend's parents took a few of us to. (Unusually for the UK, they were evangelical Christians). I must have been nine or ten, I think. The film was about a little boy who made a fantastic wooden ark with all the animals, and wanted to give it as a present to a girl that he liked. The film showed how long he'd spent on it and how nice it was. On his way to give it to the girl, he got stopped by the local bully who smashed it up in the mud. This was upsetting (as somebody who got picked on rather) but I assumed that, as in a conventional film, eventually it would turn out OK and the bully would be punished and perhaps he'd manage to rebuild his ship.

However, the point of the film turned out to be the exact opposite. If the bully was punished, they didn't make a big deal of it. The rest of the film - at least, in my memory - was the little boy being blamed and punished and lectured for the sin of pride. It was wrong of him to have been so proud of his wooden boat, and God was punishing him for it.

I wasn't at all religious before that (I don't think I've ever actually believed in God, which seems to me to be the default position unless taught otherwise) but that film certainly didn't have its intended effect on me... it made me realise how utterly cruel and stupid religion can be!
Could this have been a misremembering/misunderstanding of Treasures of the Snow? . I've never seen the movie but I had the book as a kid. It was a religious novel about forgiveness. The bully had crippled a boy by accident and he made the wooden boat as an apology, but the boy's older sister smashed it because she didn't want the bully to be forgiven. Everyone was redeemed in the end and the boy's leg was fixed.
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