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The TV movie Miracle Landing, about the explosive decompression of Aloha Airlines flight 243, terrified me for years, because it was based on a true event. It was directly responsible for my fear of flying -- I had never been afraid of airplanes until then. I became terrified that not only would any plane I was on experience something similar, but that planes at any time could explode and crash into my house. (Flight 243 didn't crash, but that didn't matter when it came to terrifying me.) I couldn't get on a plane without sweating profusely or throwing up. Even getting to the airport sent me into a panic. And I was too afraid to tell anyone, because I knew adults would all laugh at me and tell me that such a thing was extraordinarily rare and wouldn't happen to the plane I was on. But I knew it could. It's the reason that, to this day, I never sit near a door or window. I always take an aisle seat as close to the center of the plane as possible, to minimize my risk of being sucked out should part of the plane suddenly be ripped off.

(Now that I'm writing about it, I wonder why I sat and watched the entire movie when it was terrifying me so much.)

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