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Originally Posted by Richard W View Post
I also remember quite clearly a religious film that my friend's parents took a few of us to. [...]The rest of the film - at least, in my memory - was the little boy being blamed and punished and lectured for the sin of pride. It was wrong of him to have been so proud of his wooden boat, and God was punishing him for it.
That is messed up! I went to Sunday school for a minute when I was a kid, and they were very warm fuzzy Jesus loves all the little children. I eventually realized I didn't believe the stories but for years I went on thinking Christianity was just something that made people nicer.
Originally Posted by ChasFink View Post
Once I was past these tiny tot irrational fears, I do remember one very strange moment. It was, I believe, an episode of Boris Karloff's Thriller. A man is injured in a car crash (I think) and the skin started to peel back from his wrist. I believe the point was to show he was artificial under the skin, but it was presented in such a creepy, revolting way that all the adults in the room - along with me - turned their heads in horror before we really saw anything.
Can't help with identifying, but that reminds me of another one. That scene in The Rescuers where Medusa is pulling off her fake eyelashes--I had never seen those before and couldn't figure out why she would do that, and it was a little upsetting!
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