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Originally Posted by GenYus234 View Post
[hyper-pedantic nitpick]

His official name is Smokey Bear, no "the".

[/hyper-pedantic nitpick]
Is he a bear? Is his name Smokey? Then it's reasonable to call him Smokey the Bear, even if it isn't his full name. Jabba's name isn't Jabba the Hutt, either - he's a Hutt named Jabba.

I don't really have any for me that fit this. My wife does - she was so scared of Jaws that she won't fly over water. She worries that she will survive the plane crashing and get eaten by sharks.
One thing that has stayed with me is a friend's reaction to Alien. We were 12, watching it on video at my parent's house. When the chest bursting scene happened, he stood up, said no, and left. It was so abrupt I wasn't sure he had left the house at first.
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