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Originally Posted by Sue View Post
I remember being vaccinated at school. My memory is that is was an inoculation but my sister is convinced it was given to us orally in a sugar cube. I don't know which of us is remembering right. I do know we were vaccinated! My mother was a nurse and had spent some of her early nursing career in a polio hospital. You can just imagine what her opinion of anti-vaxxers is.
There are two different types of polio vaccinations. IPV, which used inactivated poliovirus and is given by injection, and OPV, which used a weakened poliovirus and is given orally. I remember an old Peanuts cartoon from sometime in the late 1950s or early 1960s, where Lucy had been given the oral polio vaccine on a sugar cube (the punchline being her dentist protested her eating sugar cubes).

Either way, anti-vaxxers are lunatics.
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