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To their credit I only bled once or twice in 4 years.

I had braces for 4 years which meant my teeth were pretty bad - well, just incredibly crooked. My bite was okay (no over/underbite) but my teeth were SO crooked and two of my upper teeth (the two that aren't your front teeth but right next to them, between the canines and the front teeth) grew in pointy (and sitting there while my orthodontist filed them down straight during multiple appts was seriously unnerving, and gross because he let the bone shavings rain down on my tongue and bone is not yummy).

I would typically be in pain for about a day or two after having the braces tightened, my mom always gave me Advil (ibuprofen) for it which helped.

Not to mention the hygienist they trotted out during every single appointment anyone ever had (they had 8 chairs in one room, no personal exam rooms, and she would make the rounds) saying "I had braces but didn't wear my retainer and now I'm 23 and have braces again!" Sure you did, lady.

I never wore my headgear or retainer once, it hurt too badly, they weren't fitted properly. Every visit my ortho would say "I see you've been wearing your headgear."

Well thank god I have that HUGE MOUTH because while I love my current dentist I don't think I could handle having 4 teeth pulled (the wisdoms) and she doesn't do general anesthetic.

My teeth are not perfect any more but pretty close. Despite the lack of headgear/retainer they stayed where they were supposed to - my front teeth crowd my sub front teeth (no idea what they're really called) a little bit but it looks just fine, I just have to make sure to floss there carefully. One thing I don't do is have my teeth whitened in part because I am still so freaking offended at those nasty hygienists (which is small and petty of me) and part because I don't really care if my teeth are slightly yellow. Perfect BRIGHT WHITE smiles freak me out a little. My mom had her teeth bleached for my wedding and I was unnerved. (My best friend's mother had her neck done for her wedding so I guess bleaching your teeth is better...but I'm only 35 and would really like my neck done) (/hijack) (/short necks)
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