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If he "didn't take the picture" then neither did anyone who, for example, set up a camera with motion sensors or otherwise didn't actually push a button for that particular frame, which is a heck of a lot of photography. It's completely absurd, and wrong, that he doesn't own the copyright. That's like saying Jackson Pollock didn't own the copyright to his paintings because the paint painted itself or the air and gravity did it. Utter nonsense. Even if a human being had incidentally triggered the taking of the photo by some movement, he would still own the copyright. Again, this is a huge segment of photography -- historically as well but especially in the digital age. (ETA I guess the idea comes from the simplistic and uneducated notion that the major contribution of taking a photo is pointing the camera and pushing a button. Anyone who has actually done any photography at all should know that's not correct.)

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