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I agree it does happen that simple things are missed by people who think they are experts. However, much of what was thought to known about the disaster until the ship was found and examined turned out to be wrong. The hull buckled and split at the seams rather than ripped, for example. So since then people have been at work in putting together the pieces as to why that happened. Brittle steel and the rivets have been researched but everyone who looked at them knew they couldn't tell the whole story. One of the remaining mysteries is why it would happen on the Titanic when it didn't happen that way on other ships with lower quality steel and rivets when they were rammed or torpedoed during wartime. Maybe the experts will look at this new work and say it's not right for one reason or another but I don't see that it's so easily debunked as saying "nah, that looks like it's in the wrong place".

Either way, the fire has definitely deserved a better look as to whether it played a role since it was in the right place to have done so for sure, whether or not one accepts this photographic evidence. (As the article says, its role was dismissed in the inquiries that followed but they had far less information about what happened to the hull than we do. I repeat myself but they thought, and it was thought for most of a century that a long, more or less continuous, gash had been opened in the hull. That was wrong.)
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