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Originally Posted by WildaBeast View Post
I seem to recall reading somewhere that the bite taken out of the apple in the current logo was meant to be a play on the word "byte".
From the book "Accidental Millionaire" (1988) by Lee Butcher.
Janov [sic.] started with the idea of an apple with a bite taken out of one side. The bite, to him, was symbolic of bits and bytes, and Jobs agreed.
I include it in this discussion, as a source that help spread the rumor. Butcher got a few details wrong in his book. Butcher also writes, for example, "Job also wanted a one year warranty on the computer when the rest of the industry guaranteed them for only three months. ... In the end, he won the argument and had his way."

The Apple II had a 3 months warranty. The Bell & Howell version of the Apple II had a one year warranty. (It had a black case with a Bell & Howell logo as well as the Apple II logo and was used with the learning software from Bell & Howell.)
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