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Ponder Freezing CDs fixes scratches

Comment: About a Rumour NOT new to me but seems to be still around.

Freezing CD's

There was once a story that putting a cd in the freezer overnight ( or
other length of time) somehow improved the sound quality or somehow
overcame issues of excess scratches etc.

I actually thought that this had been put to bed years ago, however a few
day's ago a friend commented on needing to put some CD's in the freezer
because of scratches.

I tried to point out to her that freezing would do nothing for the
scratches and if anything make the cd more likely to break due to cold
temperatures and pre existing weaknesses due to the scratches.
if it was a home burn cd the cold could have a detrimental effect on the
dye, and even if it did make a positive difference as soon as the CD
warmed up again everything would return to its previous state.
If on the other hand it was a "pressed" cd then the temperature in a
domestic freezer was unlikely to have any positive effect and in a worst
case scenario be detrimental because of the difference thermal expansion
rates of the aluminium and plastic causing damage to the pressing.

But she was not convinced.

Alas I have not been able to find the article which dismissed this
practice as hokum.
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