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Some ATMs run one or another version of XP but it's not as if these machines stop getting patched and suddenly they're vulnerable. Most of the exploits so far to these machines have been ones that require a high level of physical access, something practically no OS can protect against. By contrast, that SSL exploit last week was exposed in thousands of servers on the Internet.

The kind of updates that MS has been providing to consumer users - ones that protect against network exploits - aren't going to make much of a difference in security. Also, MS is still providing support to many of the companies still using these XP devices. With XP they're getting a relatively known risk as XP is now more than a decade old. The risks for updating to other systems are completely unknown and, frankly, not worth it, IMO. So, yes, XP is running some ATMs but, no, the lack of support to consumer XP is not going to make any notable difference in security.
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