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The vast majority of ATMs apparently do use Windows WP.

While it is true that a future hack would be against a security weakness that is at least as old as the last XP update (not necessarily as old as XP itself) the general consensus I've seen is that there are plenty of hidden flaws in XP that will continue to be discovered by hackers. To put it another way, if all the security flaws have already been identified then updates to XP wouldn't be needed. If you have an XP computer you've probably noticed that is gets security updates pretty regularly and therefore there are still weaknesses being discovered.

Another concern is that Windows 7 and 8 use big chunks of code from XP. If a year from now someone discovers a security hole in Windows 8 there is a fair chance that that same hole exists in XP.

One would hope that banks have added there own security on top of what XP supplied but banks don't really have all that much money to spend creating security software. I'm sure many banks were caught completely exposed by the recently discovered gaping security hole in SSL. The banks didn't find that hole and for perhaps two or three years their computers that used that version of SSL were vulnerable. (XKCD has a basic description of the security flaw.)
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