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Roll eyes FEMA camps, again!

Saw this on tumblr. Presented without comment.

No, this isn’t an anime post, and I hope our followers, and the other runners of this blog, will forgive me for posting “politics” here.

This is too serious though, and with 3400 followers, you are my best audience.

i *am* sorry if people are sick of hearing about politics. but politics or not, this is ****ing scary: fema detainment camps are going live. FEMA DETENTION/DETAINMENT CAMPS. IN AMERICA. ALL FIFTY STATES. this is following the bill passed by the senate in a 93 to 7 vote that the government can, at it’s discretion, arrest any american citizen at any time without trial or reason, and hold them indefinitely.
sure, obama says he’ll veto, but with a 2/3+ approval in senate, the veto will be over-ridden. so, they’ve passed the bill to detain us indefinitely, and now they’re activating the detention camps, all shortly after occupy wallstreet starts.
google fema detainment camps, google the NDAA bill. google what occupy wallstreet stands for. please please please, research for yourself online what is going on in america right now. this is very very serious, and very very scary. don’t think about this as politics, don’t use that as an excuse to ignore this kind of thing. i’m not asking anyone to agree with me, or declare themselves as a 99%, i’m just asking everyone that reads this post to EDUCATE THEMSELVES on the shit that’s happening right now. read up on what’s going on and draw your own conclusions, but for pete’s sake, EDUCATE YOURSELF.

info on the NDAA bill
occupy wallstreet’s message & goals
pretty graphics to help perspective a bit
breaking news (12/06/2011) on FEMA camps going live
also, this alex jones video talking about the fema camps
a message from anonymous about the global situation right now

this is no longer about politics - this is literally about our freedoms & liberties.

AS AN EXAMPLE: say you have a pen pal in iraq, that can be labeled as “suspected terrorism” - off to fema camps you go, indefinitely, no lawyer, no family visits, no guarantee of leaving.

say you put up a tweet: “i don’t like the president” — bam, suspected terrorism - off to fema camps you go.

say you…. oh, have more than 6 days worth of food in your house - SUSPECTED TERRORISM, OFF TO FEMA WITH YOU. (yes, the last one is true, along with “missing fingers” or looking muslim, etc, check it here)

IF YOU CAN REBLOG A CAT LICKING IT’S LIPS, PLEASE REBLOG SOMETHING LIKE THIS. Seriously. This is your life & your freedom. Spread the word, educate yourself, friends & family.
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