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The Multics "cookie" program was patterned not after Sesame Street's cookie monster (who had barely gotten onto the air by 1970) but after an annoying cartoon "cookie bear" featured in a heavily-run cereal commercial of the late 1960s.

The idea for the program was born during a Senior House bull session in 1970. Seth Stein, an MIT freshman from Providence, volunteered a story about an IBM computer operator at Brown who liked to tease his users by locking out their terminals and manually sending them messages asking for a cookie until they typed "cookie." "Say," I immediately thought, "this concept cries out for automation!"

The programming itself was relatively simple, and was done during a vacation week on a 2741 that SIPB had recently installed into the dorm for student use.

A virus is nothing more than a computer program. Although most viruses are written with malicious intent, some viruses simply display a message or a cartoon. One example of such a virus is the Cookie Monster virus, which was common about ten years ago. The Cookie Monster virus displayed a picture of Cookie Monster at random times, along with a message that said something like “Give me a cookie.” If you typed the word “COOKIE,” the picture would go away for a while. You could remove the virus completely by typing “OREO.”
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