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Originally Posted by Mickey Blue View Post
I'll be completely honest the notion of somebody using food stamps to buy lobster and steak does sorta hit me in my emotional anger bone (wherever that is, I think its near the hyoid).
I shall belabor the point to ask again if the same "emotional anger bone" was hit when the same execs that sunk the banks and tanked our economy were handed multi-million dollar bonuses paid with tax funds. People who there was no question of need, no nebulous bourgeois goods involved- just pure greed. Did that make you angry?

And Missy, should there have been restrictions on what was bought with those funds? The bailout funds? Should execs have only been able to spend them on mid-range Bentleys instead of the top of the line ones? Maybe just so-so coke? Moet instead of Cristal? Or something?
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