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Originally Posted by missy_pooh_1997 View Post
You may want to go back and actually read what I wrote and not just the parts you like.
I read the whole thing.

Your comments remind me of the screeds I hear from people who complain that "everybody" gets disability, even though they don't really deserve it, but here I am, entirely worthy, but for some reason the system is biased against me and my honesty." It is an ill-informed statement.

I sat and had a 45 minute conversation with a customer in Samy's nails b/c I recognized her and she waved hello. She does not work and she gets $800/month in foodstamps and is also on Section 8 housing. She said she did fast food work and they cut all of her services ,so she said it was no point in her working. She was working poor so she purposely got fired. She seems to be a perfectly pleasant woman to chat with,but she's working the system and I assume she doesnt care who knows it. So I didnt have to judge or assume when she volunteered the info.
If she's getting $800 a month in food stamps, that means she's got 5 people in her family. So, she's married with three kids or single with 4. Depending upon the age of her children, when she was working her fast food job, she would have to find some way to pay for child care for some or all of them.

It wasn't likely that she was able to budget $800 a month for groceries from her wages, and it wasn't likely that she was able to pay rent, child care, utilities and food for 5 people out of her fast food job wages.

And that is the most likely scenario.
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