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Originally Posted by missy_pooh_1997 View Post
If you are happy to punch a clock everyday in order to help support adults who can usually sustain themselves if they budgeted better,then thats your opinion. The things I see everyday do not afford me that luxury and I dont agree with what I see.
Ahemm, I'm not going to say that I'm the world's expert on money management. Indeed, I'm not even going to claim to be mediocre at it, but most people on food stamps work. They are called the working poor. They simply don't make enough money to live. I'm sure that's because they don't know how to manage money. It couldn't possibly have anything to do with the fact that the job they have and the job their spouse has doesn't pay a living wage. I'm sure that you know about every aspect of every person's personal life that you wait on. Yes, there are cheats. So what? There are bad rich people, middle class people, all people that take advantage of the system in one way or another. The question is why is all the vitriol saved for the least of our society? I think the answer to that question could be pretty enlightening.

Oh and to whomever it was bitching about bottle deposits? I used them to put gas in my car so I could get to work. What a lazy piece of crap I was huh? Why didn't those worthless bureaucrats drug test me and humiliate me more than I already was? Oooo, how about a lie detector test? Or a search and seizure of food items that the "tax paying public" has decided that poor people don't deserve at the exit to the super market? They should make sure that it's as public and humiliating as possible. That would teach those poor people their place.
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