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Devil Checkmate

Comment: I first heard about this painting on Dr. David Jeremiah’s Turning Point
broadcast that was rerun Easter evening 2011 for its poignant message.
Apparently, the painting is called "Checkmate." This story is from
Reverend Dr. Gary Nicolosi:


One of the things a lot of people don’t know about World Chess Champion
Bobby Fischer is that his favorite hobby is visiting art galleries and
museums. Once while on vacation in Europe, he became captivated by one
particular painting called Checkmate. It was the picture of a chess game.
On one side of the board was Satan with a smug and sinister smile on his
face. On the other side of the board was a young man with tears running
down his face and sweat pouring down his forehead. He was biting his
fingernails. Satan was reaching out to make the last move. The young man
looked terrified. Apparently, he thought he had lost the game to Satan.

Again, the painting is called Checkmate. Satan smiled. The young man was
panicked. And as Satan reached out to make the last move, things seemed
hopeless for the young man.

After six hours of staring at the painting, Bobby Fischer said, “Bring me
a chess board.” He set up the board exactly as it was depicted in the
painting. After a few moments, he began to smile. “Young man,” he said, “I
wish you could hear me because I have some good news for you. Things aren’
t as dark as they seem to be. I have studied this game for more than six
hours, and I have discovered that it’s all right to allow the devil to
make his move. Because after he makes his move, I’ve found that there is
one more move on the board! Let him make his move. You’ll be the one who
says, ‘Checkmate!’ There is one more move on board.”
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