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Hi All:

Originally Posted by snopes View Post
Comment: I just received an e mail on the refusal to mail mats to Irag. The refusal to support any American because of their beliefs or duties is against my values. I am planning on forwarding the information to all my friends suggesting to not purchase from Snopes unless there is any legitimate reason for this matter.
Snopes, you've been holding out on us. We though you just a UL investigator when, in reality, you're apparently running a successful house and garden business. So where can we get these Snopes official mats? Have you though of branching out to Snopes coffee mugs or shower curtains?

However, I do think you should ship them to Irag. By the by, who is Irag?

Ta ra 'wan,

Ieuan "Irag, meet Irun" ab Arthur
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