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Comment: So what if the peaceful, smiling California children flew the
American flag upside down and under the Mexican flag. I see you are
against freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, the Constitution, The Bill
of Rights, democracy and perhaps all freedom. You are Anti-American and no
doubt a radical, fundamentalist terrorist and/or a republican.
The real horror is the slaughter of innocent Iraqi citizens and American
soldiers in Iraq. That is what our creepy, criminal govt. doesn't want us
to think about. So think about it, think about the real dangers to
America..the terrorst breeding grounds US has spread around the world, the
senseless, horrible slaughter, the disgust the rest of the world feels
toward us, the disgust we are beginning to feel for America in fact.
Think about that being our danger, not about innocent children, smiling
and enjoying themsleves peacefully by protesting as is their right by
flying a piece of cloth upside down. Where are your brains?
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