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Comment: I was at a gas station, "Union 76" and on the door was a hand
written sign that read as follows, A $1.00 fee will be charge for a credit
card trans, a .50 cent fee will be for a ATM use and $1.00 for a change
return. I asked the clerk if this was true and he said "yeah what of it"
and I ask him "if I give you a $20.00 bill and my gas intake is only
$15.00 dollars worth, it's going to cost me a $1.00 to get my change back.
He replied "Yes it will" Is this Leagel? This is not the only place I have
seen this and I now ask before I use any card " is there any fees" I usaly
get a "no we don't do that" but if you look some of them do. I was even
charged extra to eat inside of the local McDonals. What is up with that?
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