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Comment: Sears supports its troops....
Reguarding this article, I have sent the following letter to

To whom it may concern;

I learned of an event this week that has greatly affected myself as well
as several others in there opinion of the Sears Company. There is a
Service Technician who has dedicated the past 37 years of his life to the
Sears Company. He has been awarded "Top Tech" and has been presented with
several awards during his career.

After a transfer to his current work center, his supervisor has been
replaced three times over a one year period. He is currently working with
yet another new supervisor who he himself is managing two service center
over 100 miles apart. This Technician is one of only two qualified
Technicians in his field working the current area. Ten hour days are not
uncommon. Driving times are excessive due to the disorganized route
planning. His record of completed calls and non repeat calls is exemplary.
Yet, after a current evaluation, this Technician was put on probation for
not selling products that are not even stocked on his truck. The position
of Technician has a completely different functions than that of a Retail

The treatment of this Technician with an outstanding record of over 37
years of service to the Sears Company is completely unacceptable. Doesn't
fidelity, loyalty and quality workmanship mean anything to the Sears
Company? Is this the reward of 37 years of impeccable service to the Sears
Company? This Technician, with an outstanding record, has been penalized
through this degrading protocol of disciplinary action because he is not
selling what is not stocked on his truck and retail sales is not within
the primary purview of Service Technician.

This situation causes myself and others to question whether or not to
continue our support of Sears by being loyal Sears shoppers. Treatment of
hard working and dedicated employees, and those of over 37 years of
service, in such a demeaning and unfair manner raise legitimate concerns
with us. Sears should be ashamed!
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