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Originally Posted by snopes View Post
Comment: Seen on Facebook:

"Boob" is a 1950's shortening of "booby", which in the 1930's came from
"bubby". Linguists aren't sure, but "bubby" may derive from the German
"Bübbi" which means 'teat'.
This is confirmed by the OED.

Originally Posted by OAD
booby, n.2

= bubby n.1 slang (orig. U.S.).
Originally Posted by OED
ˈbubby, n.1
Etymology: Compare German bübbi teat (Grimm). Connection with French poupe teat of an animal (formerly also of a woman), Provençal popa, Italian poppa teat, is very doubtful.
Earliest cite is 1690, long after the Plague.
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