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Originally Posted by thorny locust View Post
Many years ago I gather there were laws against opening on Sundays; but if so, they're long gone, except for some state liquor store laws. I expect even if they were still on the books it would be knocked down by the courts under the religious separation clause.
In New Jersey, Bergen County still has this law on the books. (They're known as "blue laws" in the US, although I have no idea why.) The laws originally started because OMG DONT SELL ALCOHOL ON SUNDAYS. As far as the one in Bergen County is concerned, and I know this because I grew up there, it's not far from where I live now, and I still know plenty of people who live there, as long as I can remember, every few years it comes up for a vote to overthrow it and the measure overwhelmingly gets turned down. The reasons have nothing to do with alcohol. Bergen County, particularly in certain areas, is very densely populated with retail establishments and malls, and six days a week, those areas are crawling with traffic and crowds. Bergen County residents like the fact that, number one, they can drive through many areas of the county without these crowds one day a week, but they also like the fact that people who work in these establishments are not forced to work seven days a week.

It's really not a big deal. If you absolutely need something on a Sunday that you can't buy in Bergen County, you drive to the next county and buy it. But residents of this county tend to mostly have at least one car, because it's very densely suburban, and the county is not so big that this would constitute a day trip.
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