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How much of these types of stories are apocryhpal and how much are truly true though? I mean, if one watches the special edition Jaws dvd, you can hear Roy Scheider tell how, since the shark kept breaking down during filming, no one really saw the shark (the full gravity of the shark that is, not just bits and pieces) and that the now infamous line "you're going to need a bigger boat" was not only totally ad-libbed, but that Scheider's reaction to the shark (prompting the line) was also not acting, but real, since it was his first time genuinely seeing the shark that up close and personal.

Another one: the opening scene of Jaws, with the two kids swimming? The girl who dies is actually the stunt double and she had a harness attached to her where two divers would pull on either end of said harness to simulate the "attack". Her screams are real. She broke a few ribs during filming of that scene and every scream you hear coming out of her mouth is not acting, but real pain. That's on the DVD too, from her own mouth.

Jamie Farr was a known cut-up during filming (per DH's DVD collection).. not that I doubt the veracity of his side of the story, especially since, as snopes pointed out, his is less fanciful than the one most often repeated, but just what would be the divine source for the actual truth in these situations and not just repeated FOAF's stories?
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