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Originally Posted by snopes View Post
He's not telling the story chronologically. He's saying, in effect: "We had no idea that Col. Blake was going to die until they showed us the last page of the script just before we shot the scene. When we saw that script, we were shocked that the producers would actually kill off his character."
You are right, except he is telling the story chronologically (ETA- I see, the first paragraph from Farr does not come before the second chronologically.) Farr says that they got the script just before (maybe a few minutes, whatever) the scene was shot, rather than well in advance. Got script- were shocked- went and set up scene.

For Mr. Grey: It was still a surprise in that sense, but the legend that is not true is that none of the cast except Burgoff knew at all until Radar said "There were no survivors," so that the live reaction was caught on film. That part is (apparently) not true.
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