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Originally Posted by DadOf3 View Post
I remember seeing a "Making of M*A*S*H*" type of show where this was discussed. Larry Gelbart said that all the actors thought they were done, then he said to them, "I have one more page for you," and Gary Burghoff said, "I don't want to see it." I guess Burghoff figured out the only possibility for a last-minute surprise.
According to Gelbart:

Gene [Reynolds] and I took the cast aside and I opened a manila envelope that contained the one-page last scene, telling them I had something to show them.

'I don't want to see it!' Gary Burghoff exploded. 'I know you! You've got pictures of dead babies in there!'
Sounds like Burghoff suspected a prank, not the actual ending.

Gelbart also states in his book that "having Henry die was a show-business decision; we were not trying to punish an actor for leaving the series."
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