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Originally Posted by snopes View Post
I can't see an ulterior motive for him to relate the events of the filming "Abyssinia, Henry" differently than they really happened, especially since his version is far less dramatic than the legendary one. As well, his version corresponds in all details with the account given by writer/director Larry Gelbart himself in Gelbart's own book.
I remember seeing a "Making of M*A*S*H*" type of show where this was discussed. Larry Gelbart said that all the actors thought they were done, then he said to them, "I have one more page for you," and Gary Burghoff said, "I don't want to see it." I guess Burghoff figured out the only possibility for a last-minute surprise. According to that special, the actors knew what was happening when the scene was shot, but not before they had finished filming the rest of the show.

There was another show done for some anniversary where most of the cast got together to discuss the show, and the smae story was told with all of them chiming in about how surprised they were when they saw the last page. They'd filmed the whole story expecting that Henry was going home, which is of course what Gelbart was going for, only to have this last page thrown at them.

They did film the scene in two takes, according to both those shows, which means that even if the first one would have been a shock, the second one wasn't.
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