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Read This! Guidelines for Posting News Articles

When posting news articles to this message board, please observe the following guidelines:

1) Unless the headline is unrepresentative of the article's contents, set the subject line of your thread/post to be the same as the article's headline. This makes it easier for other posters to find the article by searching thread titles and thus eliminate multiple postings of the same article.

2) Your post should begin by quoting a representative topic sentence or paragraph from the article, something that provides other posters with a good idea of the subject of the article without their having to click through to read it.

3) News articles should not be posted to forums in the "Urban Legends" category unless they have some relevancy to UL-like subjects (i.e., the kind of material we write about on the main site).

4) As always, you should be mindful of others' copyrights by posting/quoting just enough of an article's content so that posters can reasonably tell what it is about before clicking through to read it.

- snopes