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Originally Posted by Sue Bee View Post
That the girl seemingly doesn't separate reality from fiction tells me that she isn't in a good position to realize the gravity of what she did. .
I am not saying that this specific child is capable of realizing that what she did is seriously wrong. I am saying that, if she isn't, I don't think it's primarily because she is twelve.

She may have "felt bad", or she may have been lying about that. But if she did "feel bad", she didn't feel bad enough not to do it anyway. And knowing that others consider it wrong, or even considering it wrong herself, isn't the same thing as considering it so wrong that it's something one doesn't do for reasons like that. The problem isn't even primarily that she thinks Slenderman is real. The problem is that she thinks it's reasonable to stab someone to death in order to prove that.

Originally Posted by Sue Bee View Post
I am not saying that there are not 12 year olds who aren't capable of grasping most, if not all, of these concepts. But I would argue that they're in the minority.
If twelve year olds capable of grasping at least enough of them to understand that it's really important not to commit murder are in the minority, then again, why are murders and serious attempts at murder by young children so rare?
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