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If this were a thread about the victim, I'm sure there would be sympathy expressed, and then either the thread would quickly die, or the discussion would turn to something else, like how the perpetrators were being treated, or a discussion of the slender man myth, etc. We tend not to have long threads of everyone agreeing that, yes, this was a tragedy and the victim deserves our sympathy. So just because those things aren't being said doesn't mean that they aren't being felt. It's a fallacy to conclude that.

I have enormous sympathy for victims, and I think there are things to be done to improve how the system deals with them, and what resources are available to them. That issue wasn't really presented in the OP, but I'd be happy to discuss that too. But sympathy for one side of the dynamic does not mean I can't sympathize with the other side as well. But I'm not seeing a genuine desire to discuss the victim so much as a kind of concern trolling meant to derail discussion of a different topic.
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