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Originally Posted by JoeBentley View Post

As I said earlier is massively hypocritical to just up and declare juveniles "adults" when they do something wrong and have no equivalent to be able declare them "adults" in other cases.
What other cases? Juveniles can marry, join the army, quit school, have sex, get jobs etc. Sometimes with parental permission and sometimes not just by reaching a certain age, which is not the legal age of majority. What scenarios are you envisioning where juveniles don't get to be considered adults but should be?

For the record I emphatically agree that 12 yr olds should never be tried as adults (and I understand children even younger than 12 have been tried as adults in the US) but in Canada the way we treat violent, not to mention murderous teens need to be revisited. Perhaps not by trying them as adults but certainly by not giving them 5 years no matter what the crime (if that has indeed changed I will be happy to be informed of it!)

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