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Originally Posted by Sue View Post
I've been known to sympathize with the devil, my point in this thread is I have no sympathy for these particular girls at this moment in time.
The thing is we shouldn't be talking sympathy.

Sympathy, empathy, pity... this are all subjective emotional constructs that don't really have a place in passionless legal system.

I don't have sympathy for the two girls that did the killing but that doesn't matter. I'm not basing my opinion on emotional turmoil.

We can have a concept of justice without having to bring this into it.

Justice being something more then just emotional satisfaction is one of those things we gave up to live in a society ruled by law.

I'm the farthest thing from a Bleeding Heart this board has. I'm not defending the two girls. I'm defending the system because it is more important then any one single case.
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