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And it's not like anyone here is even entertaining the suggestion that the legal system shouldn't react at all this.

If anyone here was actually playing anything close to the "Well they are just kids being kids and we should just let this slide" card I'd be the first to call them out.

Should the children in question be dealt with in some way? Absolutely. Should they keep a close eye on for a good amount of time by a competent authority? Without question. Should steps be taken to prevent them from hurting anyone else? Unequivocally. I don't think anyone here is even beginning to argue otherwise.

Asking whether they should be "punished" is largely semantic and legal definitional. In the strict legal sense they really shouldn't be able to in my opinion because they don't have enough legal rights and responsibilities to commit a crime to be punished for. On a layman speaking off the cuff level should they punished in the sense that some form of negative, restrictive reaction be applied to them? Yeah probably.

As I said earlier is massively hypocritical to just up and declare juveniles "adults" when they do something wrong and have no equivalent to be able declare them "adults" in other cases.

Basically right now we're telling children "You are a child, basically almost a non-person from a legal perspective. You are pretty much legally defined as unable to make decisions for yourself or participate in society at large up until you reach a certain age and there is no way for you to break through that by displaying advanced levels of intelligence, maturity, and personal responsibility in order to take on adult rights early... except for when you do something wrong and we want to punish you for it. You can only be an adult in situations that are negative, never in one that positive."

And that is B.S. The fact that literally the only time, only scenario in which a child can be declared an adult early is when we want to punish them.

These are two 12 year olds. If this was a news story about how they wanted to prove they were so mature they should be able to vote (including in the ultimate hypocrisy voting on referendums on whether or not minors should be tried as an adult) or buy a gun or join the military or drive a car or get married or have sex or smoke a cigar or apply for a subprime home mortgage or literally anything else we define as something only adults get to do not a single person would even entertain the notion. Therefore it is two faced to be doing it here.

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