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Comment: i swear to you that i heard the paul harvey broadcast in which he
told about mel gibson having his face horribly disfigured as a child and
how it was repaired. i can't remember all the details, but it had
something to do with a surgeon who put gibson's face back together.

i was amazed at the time. i later met gibson on location for "the river,"
along the river in tennessee, when i was doing advertising for the film.
he actually came up to me and asked me to see if there was something in
his eye. (was he flirting? heaven knows). at any rate i held his face
between my hands and rolled his eyelid back. no debris. he came back a
second time and asked me to try again. i did, and finally told him to ask
the grip to flush his eye out with some water.

all this to say that i saw no signs of scars, and i have always wondered
about the paul harvey piece.

i can tell you one thing for certain ... paul harvey did tell the story on

and now YOU know the REST of the story.
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