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Originally Posted by diddy View Post
I remember reading somewhere that the brain is notorious for filling in gaps of real memories with other images to form coherent thoughts. Unfortunately humans misinterpret these brain puzzle pieces as real memories despite reality. Extreme suggestion and conspiracy theory mentality plays into this. Their brains assemble dissident pieces of information and combines them together.

Since it is "their" mind. Anybody doubting them is questing all other memories that may be true. People make the mistake the concept that their brains are infallible.
My oldest firmly remembers me rolling up his hand in the car window. My younger son has memories of us driving off a bridge into a 'bunch of water' (no idea whether it's supposed to be a lake, river, ocean, or just what). He also remembers 'dad's friend' (which means any adult male) telling him about a bear living in 'that tower' (which is a water tower). He's never around other adults without either his dad or myself, so one of us would have witnessed this telling, especially since he'd've had to be near the tower at the time.

None of these ever happened.

I personally have had memories for a long time of my brother being in the hospital. Very vivd clear memories. My dad, mom, and one grandmom were there, and I remember thinking that for all that was bad about my brother being in the hospital, some good came of it: my divorced parents getting along. I looked at a monitor and asked my grandmother what it was, and she explained how it showed the heartbeat. Extremely vivid and detailed. You can imagine my shock when, at about 8, I asked my mom what Chirs had been in the hospital for that time, and found out it had never happened.

Even now I remember it as a very clear, very real occurrence, and it's only her word that tells me it didn't happen. (Well, and that of other family members, when I skeptically questioned.)

So, I know, people definitely incorporate dreams, things heard about or read about, and apparently completely random odd stuff, into real memories.
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