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Hey, folks, I was looking for something else on your site and I saw this,
and I've got news for you. This is true, because I saw it. It was a
turkey. And her words were, after she picked it up and put it back on the
table, something to the effect: "no one is going to know." And how she
handled that situation is what forever impressed me about J.C. Why in the
world I was watching JC is beyond me. I'm a guy, not into cooking, but I
do remember thinking how did this personality evolved? -- for she was
diametrically opposed to me, and everyone else I knew. And also
wondering -- did she ever get laid? It must have happened between 1971
and 1975, because at that time I lived in CA., and the turkey incident
came up one time in conversation with a lady who lived in Oakland Ca.
(that's why the time frame). She watches (or watched) JC. Whoever check
the archives to confirm this, didn't check them all. It's no big deal and
you can't use me to validate the story (who am I), but I saw it on TV.
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