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Comment: How sad it was for me to have someone report that the two moons
on 8/23 was false. My husband & I were at a fly in fish camp in Canada,
about 50 miles north of Hawks Junction, Ontario and had been there since
the 17th of August. On the 23rd all were sleeping but me; as we had a
bear in camp the night before I kept the porch light on and heard a noise
outside. When I went to look through the front window, I saw the Mars
planet. It was absolutely gorgeous, very orange and it was a very clear
night. I had not heard nor read about the "Two Moons" being out of cell
phone and computer range.

I did ask the owner of the camp the next day if he happened to see the 2nd
moon. He also had no idea what it was. It was a spectacular site and I
would say it was about 12:45 a.m.

I did see this and it was absolute out of this world, I told the camp the
next a.m. and no one could figure out what it was.

When I got back to my computer on the 25th, it was the 1st time I knew
what it was.
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