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Originally Posted by Seaboe Muffinchucker View Post
UEL, re question three--I think you misread the question.

I almost feel like I'm being punked here. When I read this, I went to check what UEL put, saw his answer and thought, yeah, he was mostly an '80s player. Then I checked your answer, and saw you went with a mostly '70s player. I then went back and checked my answer and the question, to see if I really misread the question.

I hope you don't mind me asking, but what did you think was wrong with UELs answer? I have no idea if I'm missing a joke, or if one of us has some misconceptions about basketball and that could easily be me, since I've only ever cared about my home team while I was going to college. (Which is why I'm sure I got the right answer to that one.)
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