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Originally Posted by DadOf3 View Post

1. What 1888 poem is set in the town of Mudville?
Casey At the Bat

2. In some Islamic traditions, what can a man do by repeating the word "talaq" three times?
Divorce his wife--but she doesn't have the same right, IIRC.

3. Because of Michael Jordan's baseball hiatus, the top NBA scorer of the 1990s was by a wide margin what player, who played the whole decade for the same team?
Sports question! Therefore, this answer is highly likely to be wrong. Julius Irving, aka Dr. J.

4. Between 1994 and 2000, what American company tried unsuccessfully to register the iconic sound of its engines?
Sounds like something Harley Davidson would try.

5. The passenger pigeon, Carolina parakeet, Labrador duck, great auk, Eskimo curlew, and pinnated grouse are the six now-extinct species of the 435 immortalized by whom?
John James Audubon, who helped them along by killing the samples he drew.

6. What famous woman became director of the Red Cross's new radiology service in Paris during World War I?
Hmm. What famous woman would work with radiology? Gee, I guess it might be Marie Curie

7. What unusual distinction is shared by each of these comedians? Louie Anderson, Roseanne Barr, John Candy, Bill Cosby, Howie Mandel, Rick Moranis, Richard Pryor, Paul Reubens, Robin Williams, Al Yankovic.
I have no clue, but at least I know who all of them are (except Louie Anderson. I'm a little vague on him).

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