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1. Harold Ross, William Shawn, Robert Gottlieb, Tina Brown, and David Remnick are the only five people ever to hold what position?

2. Which bone in the human body is also a synonym for "scree," rocky debris that forms a slope at the base of a cliff?

3. In what city would you find Antoine's, founded in 1840, the oldest family-run restaurant in America?

4. Bob Meusel never made the Hall of Fame, but name any two other members of "Murderer's Row" who did.

5. What country was run by Prime Minister Salazar's Estado Novo between 1933 and 1974?

6. What is capped or prohibited by usury laws?

7. What unusual distinction is shared by all these cities? Anchorage, Asuncion, Athens (Georgia), Berlin, Chicago, Cochabamba, Kingston (Ontario), Knoxille, Kolkata, Lima, Lyon, Oklahoma City, Porto, Sydney, Topeka.
1. Editor of The New Yorker
2. IDK
3. New Orleans
4. Ruth and Gehrig
5. Spain?
6. Interest on loans.
7. No idea
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