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Good grief. I never thought of fish.

I suppose they get up to that number because people who keep fish often have quite a few of them, while people who have cats or dogs very often only have one or two and very rarely have dozens.

That was a good one. This one isn't:

Originally Posted by DadOf3 View Post
7. Each of these classics includes a map with the text. This seems like one of those times I might get a lot of "That's not unusual at all!" complaints via email. Settle down, friends. Read a book without dragons on the cover from time to time.
Not only are maps very common in fantasy books; they're also pretty common in certain types of mysteries.


2. What author founded National Review magazine in 1955?

William F Buckley. I think.

4. What fictional American town is closely associated with products like Powdermilk Biscuits and Beebop-a-Ree-Bop Rhubarb Pie?

Lake Woebegone.

5. What country's national day, January 26, commemorates the 1788 landing of the First Fleet, but is sometimes referred to as "Invasion Day" by minority groups?


6. Which book of the Bible includes a vision of scroll closed with seven seals?

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