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They are still allowing payment for a medical profession who's contemporary training (in the US at least, I assume it's the same in Canada but it's possible it's not) includes obvious pseudoscience and is, at best, a better than average masseuse.

ETA: Ultimately though, my question relates to the American practice of chiropractic; I'm aware lots of individual practitioners shrug off the crazy, but the bottom line is they do not receive training in a science based curriculum (aside from the handful of entry level science courses) and there is real risk to their spinal adjustments which (IMO at least) they do not receive adequate training to do safely.

I have real concern (not just 'anti-chiropractic') for my patients who go to these practitioners, particularly when a patient suffers an injury; yes, injuries can happen in any situation, but in this case it's an injury from a person performing a procedure that they are not qualified (IMO again, I know they are legally qualified) to perform possibly for unnecessary reasons.

ETA: And really, though I appreciate I worded it poorly, it's more about the idea of the relationship between a caregiver and a patient and where intervention (if only discussion) should take place.

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