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Originally Posted by popkulture View Post
I guess I've missed my chance to see Dallas from a DC-9 at night.
Unless you count the MD-80, as discussed earlier. American has a bunch of those and happens to have their largest hub at DFW.

Originally Posted by overyonder View Post
While I always found the DC9's to be dated, they were never quite as dated as the old Delta Lockheed 1011 (yikes) or the Delta 727's (double-yikes).
And while the DC-9 and 727 were both 1960s designs, it's kind of amazing that the DC-9 remained in service for over a decade after most 727s were retired. Douglas planes had a reputation for being pretty much indestructible.

The most dated plane I can recall flying in was a United Boeing 737-300, before they retired them a few years ago. That cabin was a time warp back to the 1980s.
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