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Originally Posted by WildaBeast View Post
I rather like the 3-2 seating layout -- less chance of getting a middle seat! And from a purely aesthetic perspective I just like look of the long, sleek, t-tailed MD-80 versus the rather boring looking 737 and A320.

As far as them being dated, I've never had the chance to fly on one of Northwest/Delta's DC-9s, but like the article says they had their cabins refurbished in the 1990s. I've heard a lot of passengers believed they were flying on a brand new plane after they got the new more modern looking cabins.
I always liked the 3-2 seating for the same reason you mentioned.

While I always found the DC9's to be dated, they were never quite as dated as the old Delta Lockheed 1011 (yikes) or the Delta 727's (double-yikes). The 727 had notoriously atrocious seats, and often times the seat backs were slouching in a very annoying fashions (especially for the passenger behind you). When I was flying those in the late 90's, even a 40-lb lighter version of myself had a hard time flying coach on those.

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