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I am not sure that cite contradicts the idea that the base Trump supporter - the ones who will go through all kinds of mental gymnastics to justify everything he does - are not "lower middle-class whites".
For one, that is not the same as "low income" or working class. So just showing that low income people voted more for Clinton doesn't cover it. If we go by Gilbert or Thompson and Hickey, then the lower middle class typically have some college education, and the average standard of living. They are distinct from the working class or the working poor.
Then there is the difference between those who voted for him and his base. The wealthy who voted for him are probably not his base, nor are the upper middle class. They probably just wanted a tax cut, and found him useful for those purposes. I don't know that I've seen anything definitive about who his base - those who wouldn't care if he shot someone on 5th Avenue - actually are, other than Kid Rock and Ted Nugent.
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